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Friday, June 30, 2006


Rings and chips are best friends.

Slacking at Baby's house now. (:
I just woke up from a short nap because i was too bored & tired to function.
Spent the afternoon watching Shaun and him play PS2 & stuff myself with lotsa shit. LAYS sour cream & onion (big pack), cheezels, bubble tea, pringles.

OMGosh. Fattening bitch.

This morning was silly. Bloops.
I woke up on time at 6.45am and wash up for school, got changed etc.
And the cramps came. DAMN. + one more stupid reason.
So i changed back to my pajamas & called Baby.
Sms-ed Dara & Jieying im not going.
So I did not have breakfast with Dara at BK today. hahaha sry pretty. Mon! (:
Im stiff bored. They are playing some stupid game. HAHAHA.
I think the girls went out after school. Oh well. Another time perhaps. (:

Saw many weird ppl today while on the way back.

First. This middle-aged man who seats beside me & nearly had his head banging against my head when he fell asleep. damn.
It gave me a big shock. Not only that. I swear he had his head banged against the glass panel behind him at least 10 times before it reaches his destination at lakeside.
I was trying very hard not to burst out laughing because it was too hilarious.
His head went: left. right. right, front, back, back and BANG! x10 times at least. HAHAHA!!
One of the banging scared me cos it was damn loud can!

Second. This businessman who dresses in shirt and pants had his ear piece on.
He was having a 'constipated' expression and mouthing away (singing to himself).
At times he twitches his eyebrows. At times he moves his head left right.
He seem so into singing in such a weird ways he didnt realise so many ppl were staring at him trying not to laugh. hahaha.

Third. While waiting for bus this young guy in shirt and pants too was singing.
He listens to BLASTING technos and slow chinese songs. It was very obvious.
I can hear him singing and weirdest of all, everyone was queuing facing the front.
He was way out of queue and living in his own world singing away and shaking. You have to witness it to have a big laugh.

So many weirdos. Whats happening. hahaha.

6:15 PM

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Idoitic bimbos are a big NO-NO in my dictionary

Enterprise UT today. It was not easy for me because i missed the lessons that teaches these topics tested on. hahaha.
Had the new faci Jeanette to teach Comm. Skills module today instead of Danny.
Overall, she was fine lah! (:
We spent most of the time saying 'WO-RH' instead of 'we all' because Anthony influences us in doing this silly thing. It was rather funny. hahaha.

I really hate rude bimbos. I cant stand them being so arrogant when the classroom doesnt belong to them.
They dont even have the simple manners of asking poltely for us to leave.
The bimbo opened the door all of a sudden and said arrogantly: 'I need this classroom at 4.30pm. My faci has already booked it and you all must leave by 4.30pm.'
A while later.
The bimbo came in again and said rudely: 'Can you all like leave RIGHT NOW!'
Fuck you bitch. Its not even 4.30pm for god sake.
Maki told me she asked us to shut up.
So i turned back to her face & spoke loudly: 'Ask ppl to shut up. Why not you yourself shut up too!'
The bimbo exclaimed bimbotically: 'I DID NOT ASK YOU ALL TO SHUT UP!'
Go draw your face with crayons like some fugly ugly shit & eat those powder on your face. (:
I enjoyed insulting you bimbo.

Attended a 15 mins talk with Dara and Winnie at 4.45pm after sch.
The woman sounds quite nice & she ended the talk on time at 5pm. That was great i think. (:
I was really tired and sleepy. I need to roll about on my comfy bed AHH!

Train-ed to Tiong to meet Baby and Shaun under his block.
Supposingly i was not suppose to because Shaun is feeling down & Baby accompanys him to keep his time occupied so he would not let his imagination run wild when he is alone.
But somehow, I decided to meet them to have dinner together.
Three of us ate at Tiong market & chatted. Shaun seems sad. Poor thing.
Sent him off & Baby and i went to walk ard before i went home too.

My super heavy eyelids fell down the minute the train moved to redhill from Tiong. hahaha.
All the way to Boon Lay & even in the bus i slept. (:
Damn im still tired. Im gonna roll & snore on my bed SOON! Yeepee Yeepee Dooo~

10:51 PM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Its getting hot in here. (:

I think they possess the criteria to be MEAN GIRLS.
We just dont click.

Marc See's lesson today. I think he rocks.
He is equivalent to Danny or even much more... cool. (:
I had fun.

Was apparently late for class because i woke up at like 7am. OPPS.
I was damn tired i just need more hours of sleep. AHH!
Left the house in a hurry I stupidly forgot the take my handphone which i left behind.
I had to walk back when i was almost reaching the bus stop in a sleeping mood.
Thanks so much for something so 'special' early in the morning to myself.

Problem Solving was some sort easy today. (:
My group was excellent and we actually came up with freakin 19 slides.
Which is supposingly the situation that happens with Mr T ard only most of the time. hahaha.

Home-ed after school to nap.
Baby had lesson till late and went out. (:

Im feeling restless. I think its coming soon. boooooo. ):


Raelene in the act of peeping

My freakin kinda scary tamagotchi became Mr T's friend

10:37 PM

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Shattering bones & aching back

Sometimes i feel empty and alone
Sometimes i feel vulnerable and lousy
At times i feel fake and foolish with the tainted mask on
At times i just wanted to hide aside and wipe my heart out
Times after times, away, from reality.

It was the last VB lesson for maths module today.
I wonder what is up next cos it aint gonna be easy anyway. ):
I am starting to dread school. Not because of the friends lah!
Its like.. the modules are getting more and more boring.
And alot of things changed such as the faci(s) and stuff you know you know.

Didnt have much going on.
Auntie didnt have green tea today for my bubble tea. ):
That is so AHHH can! So i ordered Green apple milk tea instead. It tasted okay though.
Was busy trying out all the stupid codes for VB and my com keeps hanging.
One day if it triggers off my anger i shall throw it on the floor without hesitation. HAHAHA!!
Winnie and Chee Chee went to catch Just My Luck at Causeway.
Dara and I had CAP meeting, cant join.

CAP auditioning was considered quite a failure today.
I know its bad to said this with so much effort put in to this event by the team by somehow it didnt worked out.
Its okay we shall think of a backup Plan B to save the situation. (:
Only one team turned up which is pathetic somehow. oh well.
But the guys were great okays. They sang and played the guitar so well. Thumbs up.
The chinese girl sang quite good also but it just wasnt the right theme for her this time round.
Went 7-11 to get fruity sweets & went over to tiong.

Stupid Keldy & Guo Wei. They made us wait for them outside the conference room like idoits.
Keep saying almost done almost done & coming out soon but in the end? GAYS. hahaha.
We left without them. GRR. (:

Met Baby & we ate dinner together. Ramli Burger at the pasar malam was having a crazy long queue damn it.
So we changed our mind and had KFC. *ahem ahem Shoonie's fav*
Baby eats in such a cute way. He's like chewing on his zinger burger adorably. hahaha.
Heart Baby.
My tongue hurts from the ulcers & rubbish inhabitat-ing in my mouth. GO AWAY! ):
Walked around and went home cos its already 10pm.

I think im irritating.
And always irritated.

10:47 PM

Monday, June 26, 2006


At this paticular moment, Im hungry.

My stomach is rumbling & turning rounds. ):
Its calling out to me to get food. Bwahahaha.
Slacking in the school library now after CAP meeting.
I had a long day.
Actually i left school and missed 1/3 of my science lesson.
But i dont really give a damn. (:

School was well. I smacked Shoonie's butt quite a no. of times.
Sound so chiko. Oh well. Trust me i love her butt. Im so tempted to all the times. (:

Went over to see how my boy is doing.
He is recovering well. Thank goodness. (:
We went tiong to get some stuff & Baby bought bubble tea for me. hahaha.
Its a daily thing so i must have it.
Slacked at his place & how sweet of him to make spagetti for me.
I was sure hungry & craving for food. (:

Rushed back to school to attend the first CAP meeting.
It was nothing much actually.
Was late and panic a lil when we heard the sch advisor came to see.
But by the time we reached, she was gone. hahaha.
Jo & the rest brief us on what's gonna happen & the events & we just chatted a lil.
There is CAP meeting tml too. Auditions tml for the live bands and solos.
Im so gonna have a great time judging if i can. (:

I think im heading home soon & i need food. GRR.

6:26 PM

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Rain rain go away. Come again some other day.

I just ate maggie mee and 2 cream custard puffs.
Im so turning fat if my appetite goes on like a hippo. (:
Oh well. The food are un-resistable what!

Today is a whopply bobbly day. (: [I dunno what language is that. hahaha]
It was suppose to be sentosa day today god damn it.
And it jolly well RAINED! rain you know RAIN! AHHHH!! Hate it. ):
So we had a change of plans.

Baby took a cab over to my place & we used the com while waiting for the rain to go off.
It was such a long wait. Had been drizzling the whole day. AHH!
Shoonie showed us DawnYang. Gorgeous Babe!
Drank green apple green tea afterwhich. (: Yum yum.

Decided not to go home that early so i sent Baby to Holland V.
He's having dinner at his grandma house tonight. (:
Took train back & realised i got no dinner at home. My dad ate my share while i was out.
Its okay so i cooked maggie & tada! BURPS. opps.

School tml. YUCK. Science module.
Bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop.

I am feeling a big pinch of heart pain now.
Baby is down with the whole-body-hot-hot disease. ):
He was still okay just now.


Baby trying to turn himself into a chio bu.

9:29 PM

Saturday, June 24, 2006



Its a saturday early noon.
My mind is in a blank mood. (:
Im slacking in the living room being a couch potato and com freak.

I guess later i might accompany my sis and bro to IMM to shop.
Need to buy a diamond necklace for my second sis for her 21st bday.
Such a trouble.

Baby is so cute. (: My boy.
He sent me a msg a few mins ago.
It goes : "Hey evon! May i date you out to sentosa tml? =.=" diaos."
For a sec i was shocked. I thought his phone got intruded. hahaha.
But anyhow, IM A HAPPY BEAN NOW!! (:
Sentosa tml~ Cant wait.
*Evon runs away shaking herself*

It's a lazy day.

I found these slogan shirts online.
Quite cute. (:

12:53 PM

Friday, June 23, 2006



I feel so drained out. I think if you show me a bed i will collaspe & snore loudly.
Hahaha. (: i keep scolding neh neh pok recently. I must be deprived of it.
Chewing on gum now. Yummy.

Had Enterprise module in school today. Oh well.
Boring question boring topic. I hate anything that got to do with Maths. ):
It always make me wanna puke & faint if i see numbers.
I didnt perform well at all for today's lesson. It was plain dull & i didnt participate actively AT ALL. hahaha. who cares.
The guys and girls had lunch together aagain. (:
And And was late for 3rd meeting as usual. hahaha.
Dara and angela were not in sch.
Class finished at 3pm! That was super great. (: No presentation needed.
We had quiz instead & 6P only.

Dara and me just realised CAP IG got so much things to do and requires so many days meetings.
Although it sounds fun, but its gonna be tiring and packed time. AHH!

Went over to Baby's place to slack. (:
I got pokemon stickers for his lil bro to add on his book collection.
He's so cute. Baby is jealous of his lil bro. hahaha.
Had dinner at tiong market together & went home.

Im so tired. ZZZ.
AND DAMN. LEO website doesnt load at all. It says website down.
Hell. Now what. Cant do my RJ cant do my quiz. And its raelene's work. ):

Okay now i got in LEO. I just found out sth............
I didnt know the quiz close at 4pm cos im so used of having it closed at 12am.

10:24 PM



Nugget neh neh pok. Forgot to blog on time and now the date is like for tml.
The entries will be So together. Dislike. LOLS.
Fussy cannot arhs! (:
Screw it.


Danny's last day today. ): Comm. Skills module will be so dull for the coming up weeks.
The new faci Jeanette doesnt seem nice. The class dont give a damn about her life.
She doesnt seem to interest me nor the class. We shall see.
Mae Lee replaced by a better faci.
Danny replaced by a not-so-good faci.
It just balances out to the same results again probably. Meaningless.
School was relatively fine.

My tamagotchi (Pupu) flew to heaven.
Cos it mate-d finish and gave birth to a baby already. Its a boy.
Damn Baby's Pipi is a boy too. Dont tell me they have to be GAYS. AHH! (:

Got home with Bobbie after school. Dara alighted at Jurong East & we seperated.
Was suppose to meet Baby. But last min he gotta go accompany grandma. (:
Its okay. I will just go home to sleep.

Im so in love with green apple green tea. (:
Shit im craving for it NOW. 12.24am leh!
hahaha. Stupid!

Look at this. Dont open your mouth big. Its my table. DAMN.
Messy till i cant find my things. I need to tidy up soon. AHH!

12:17 AM

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A fantasy of lies

I feel giddy now. I think i lied too much this lifetime that's why im always sick for no reasons. ):
hahaha. I skipped sch today. Just dont feel like going.
Besides, im getting sick.

Spent the day at Baby's house. Used the com & ate lunch together. (:
Had BK aagainnn~ hahaha.
He got a gigantic ulcer on the tip of his tongue. OUCH! poor thing.

UT tml. Test test and more test. Boring!
Maths computing. I clean forgot the codes after the holidays. My brain cant seem to function normally now.
So many codes i dont understand. I missed one of the lesson. Oh well.

Someone pls save me. ):
The left eye is swollen AAGAINN~

School tml. Damn.
Maths O'level. DAMN.

10:18 PM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006




It's all over. Its the end of world.
Tell me im a pussy.

Wake me up.

Slap me.Punch me. Kill me.

Im totally an EMO fuck now. Leave me alone.

10:23 PM


As Shag As Rags

AHH! So restless. So shag.
Not sex lah !
hahaha. Its just not enough sleep. My eyelids are so heavy. ):

Maths computing module now. Visual Studio aaaagain.
Im getting Dara to send me the videos now.
So excited! Idoit. lols. (:

Ben & Jerry's

Baby call this the damn long bridge (:

The Lake

9:39 AM


Its all NOT okay

Its a burden. Its the addition of problems.
Its the stress. & the mum.
Its driving both crazy.
Its hell.

AHHH!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Pardon me.


Selfish, crazy.
Its a fuck up thing.
STOP IT!!! im bursting! Hell yesh!


Im feeling lousy.
And my world is upside down.
I cried. Slap me. Im such a pussy.

12:47 AM


Bury that pile of shit in the soil pls

It was the first day of sch re-opening after the 2 weeks of holidays.
I get to see my classmates once again. (:
I adore the trademark me and Guo Wei shares. Chris saw. He was laughing his front tooth off. hahaha. Its cute can!
We had science module & hell the problem was so not easy to understand for such a simple minded like me *ahem* , i just couldnt be bothered. hahaha.
Actually feel abit of guilt for not assisting much in the presentation.
I didnt have my laptop with me lah! oh well.
It was still with Baby. He couldnt pass it to me. ):
I wanted my laptop so badly. I miss it & i need it for tml UTest. Shit.

My group had the shortest presentation. hahaha. Shucks.
We had the wrong formulae and calculation too. OPPS. (: nvm.
School ended at 4pm & i hang-ed with Dara. Thanks for accompanying me.
She wanted to hang too. Her mum will twitch her eyebrows swideways if she sees Dara coming home early. SO. lols.
We did really crazy videos using her cam. SUCH bitches. I like. (:
I swear not only your front tooth drops if you see it, all your teeth will drop due to too much laughing.
And you will roll around umpteen times till you from fat become skinny. hahaha. *WOAH*
Its hilarious trust me. (:

12:30 AM

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Monkey See Monkey Do (:

We are going to the zoo zoo zoo.
How bout you you you.
You can come too too too.
Cos we are going to the zoo zoo zoo. (:

Absolutely LAME. hahaha. Yeah!
But im SO SO excited for the night safari trip.
I wanna go there and kill animals can! (:
Hiakhiak hiak! Im evil. BLWATS.

Happy 13 months Baby.
I heart you.

Im updating after the visit now. (:
Out of so many months, this is counted the best month. hahaha.
I went to Baby's house by cab cos he is hungry & needs to eat.
So i went up to wait for him to get changed & we headed to Tiong to grab bites.
BK-ed. hahaha. Mushroom swiss my fav. I adore.
We chatted and talk some craps & he suggested movie before night safari.
I didnt want to, besides the fact of expensive movie prices during weekend, we are late for night safari.
It opens at 6pm. (:
Took train to Choa Chu Kang & walked awhile in Lot 1.
We were laughing at the bengs and lians there. Oh so typical can! (:

Baby bought Ben & Jerrys & we shared when we reached. OH so sweet. Im crazy. hahaha.
Took pictures and had fun.
We run a whee abit & went crazy inside.
We saw the giraffes rubbing each other just like mating. OMGosh. lols.
And And And the otters are god damn cute i wanna steal one home can! (:
They are like squeaking endlessly & asking for food.
One of the ang-moh had food in her hands eating, the otters looked up at her & squeak innnocent non stop. CUTE! (:
GOo-goo gaa gaa!
Watched the 9pm animal show & i swear it was flooded with indians =.=
Dont ask me why. hahaha.
Blangala 'touched' my hands!! HATE IT! yucks fuck off pls.

He sent me home after the trip. (:
I heart him.
Thanks for being so nice and sweet. Muacks.

3:09 PM

Saturday, June 17, 2006



Im so blissed. (:
Because i get to drink bubble tea and eat cotton candy!
Hahaha. Its so heaven-ly yep.

My mum thinks choco milk tea is milo. bwahaha.

Im so gonna beat the bus driver up just now.
He made me wait for 1/2 hour at the bus stop for his bus.
Gosh. lols.

9:47 PM


It's all about love (:

Last night my internet cocked up. SO annoying! ):
So it made my bro and i spent like a thousand years trying to fix it but it just doesnt work.
And so i went to sleep, irritated-ly. hahaha.

This morning the damn internet was still having the same problem.
Couldnt connect at all. Almost smashed the com.
So i end up napping and watching tv. Such a coach potato.
I think i did the right thing. hahaha cos the min i woke up, the internet WORKS!
Okays my dad repaired it. NOT magic. =.=

Turns out one of the wire in the cable connecting to the next room burnt out. OPPS.
I was the last one using the com. hahaha.
Lousy cable, Not lousy Evon. (:

Tonight my tamagotchi (pupu) is evolving. I hope it doesnt evolve into a WORM again for goodness sake. hahaha. If not i shall smash it! (:

Im craving for BUBBLE TEA now! I just dunno why.
It's just another addiction to make myself fat. But whatever~ (:
I love THEM.
Im gonna get one for myself NOW! bwahahaha.

My sister is craving for Btea too. hahaha. All thanks to the oh-so-mighty Evon!
Im crazy. Shoot me. (:

Holidays coming to an end real soon. It's all about school once more. HAHAHA!
Not funny. I know. (:
Night safari tml with Baby!! Yeshhh~ It 18th. It marks another month we are together. (:
Moree moree More.

8:05 PM

Friday, June 16, 2006


Ding Ding Dong Dong Dang

Danggs. Its getting stiff bored & stuffy at home.
And i stink; like a piece of shit. hahaha.
What a bad weather & its giving me a headache. argh.
Game-d & stone-d whole day.
Baby's grandma is going over his house tonight.
Cant meet up. Oh well. ):

I need to bath soon. ):

5:09 PM

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Oo-ee-yoooh Eee-yoooh

You're my sunshine after the rain (:

Chiku Cha Chiku Cha Chiku Cha Cha Cha! (:

Im still oh-hell-sick. Whatever! hahaha.
My nose leaks! Eeew. YUCK.

Watched Cars Digital with Baby! (:
I wanna catch Silent Hill soon. hahaha. Greedy old me.
Had some munches & came home cos he has to go home to 'babysit' lil bro & sis.
Had BUBBLE TEA! Im fallin back in love with them now. SHIT. (:

Oh well.
Next week sch is reopening. Same usual lessons, nice lil classmates though. (:

Caught a nap the the evening till 9pm. Satisfied! (:

New resolution: Stop kissing girls too much. lols. OPPS.

10:58 PM


Box me Kick me Lick me

Couldnt get to slp last night so i was online till like 4am. ):
Woke up at 11.30am which is considered EARLY for me. hahaha.
My thumb hurts. ): All thanks to my big black BRO who scratches me when we were excited.

Im gonna watch Cars Digital with Baby. (:
YAY!! like.. finally. A movie! hahaha.
Sound so deprived. Oh well. BLWETTT!

Okays i found this in one of the files. Rather funny pic this is. We went back to sch (MI) to clean our classroom & decorate it. (:

Was fun. I miss MI friends.

10:54 PM


Townieee Town Townn

Im sick! ):
Im down with flu & bad throat with cough. A bad headache too. Aaw.

Met Dara for town today although i might faint anytime. hahaha.
She treated me bubble tea. YEAH! thank u.
Hang at MOS. Just like interviewing ppl.
First, BJ came. Chat-ted.
Second, Yuki came. Lame-d. Yuki has a BIG bag full of LV stuff. Rich!!
Third, Shawn came. Talk-ed.
Shawn left. Yuki me n Dara waited for his friend, Matthew.
They came to take butter factory tickets. (:

Went cineleisure for movie yet seats are too front.
Walked to Lido instead. Watched RV (Runaway Vacation).
Was overall rated as average i guess. Funny yet not as funny as it suppose to be. (:
Starting Dara and i threw popcorns in front.
In the middle of the show, Matthew tried scaring ppl by gasping suddenly & jerking.
So funny but only 4 of us laughing. hahaha. (:

Went Wheelock hoping to see Mian at Big O working.
But didnt get to see him ard so we went to eat at Food Republic.
Cam whore-d a lil bit. bwahahaha.

Got this man who is sick i suppose. He was nearly unconsious when i alighted from the train at Boon lay & saw him leaning against the wall at the platform.
Some station officer was helping him. But he puked all over his pants. Abit gross. YUCK.
Poor thing. He looked pale.

Stepped into the house & saw my family busy with sth.
My sis cant find her passport even after turning the whole house upside down.
She panic until she cried. Aaaw. She needs to go Pulau Rendung for holiday.
Finally dug a big envelope out from the bookshelf in a lil dark corner &.... TADA!!
We were so happy we jumed ard like mad dogs & my bro's nails scratched me till my flesh came off. How nice! ):
My dad came home somehow DRUNK. He is talking nonsence & asking stupid questions.
Someone shut him up pls. Dont make me go box him. hahaha.

I need to bath. (:

Erm. Stupid dumbs.


Cam whore

Kiss you!

Eat you!

It's a LV bag. hahaha.

1:06 AM

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Biong BioOong Chaa CHA chaa

All i do is sleep cos im down right tired even after long hours of slp i dunno why.
I think i was an alien but i didnt realise. Now i do. (:

Monday met up with Dara & her fren violet at Taka kino coffee club.
Shopped ard with girlfriend to find a off shoulder. It wasnt that easy afterall to find sth. lols.
Slacked & i swear raffles city ballroom level toilets rock my socks. (:
Then it was DXO night with Dara, Zhen & Ling.
Chun, Tilly, Deus & a fren of theirs were ard too.
I bumped into kenneth (oh-so-cute) and Ian there. Been so long since i saw them.
My colleagues. (:
It was a crazy night. A painful one too. My toes rotted & decomposed. hahaha.
Fancy dancing in heels & jumping ard for long hours. Fun & high! (:
Those indians who tried bua-ing girls, pls get knocked down by cars soon.
How disgusting can they get. Trying to eat *toufu*. YUCKS. *roll eyeballs*
I great night. (:

Today was baby's day. hahaha.
Woke up at noon & met up.
His bro & sis were at home. We lunched at tiong market. Yum.
Seat around the block & chit chatted. (:
It was ALL-SO-SWEET day. i heart him. (:

Poke Poke-d you (:

Shall upload more pictures soon using another com. Await.

11:49 AM

Monday, June 12, 2006


Dance with me (:

Guess what? Im chewin on roti prata & bloggin. hahaha.
Gosh it's spicy! Anyone want some? (:

I bought heels & spag. Im a happy lil bean! (: hahaha.
Im suppose to go joggin today but... as expected. IM LAZY!! argh.
Im totally gigantic now. Save me aliens! *roll eyeballs*

I came across one of my friend's friendster. My sec sch friend.
Happen to go in Millenia Institute same year as me.
This year she went to Simei ITE instead. I dunno what happened to her. sigh.

Im heading for DXO later. Meeting Dara for shopping first in town.
I hope i dont spend much. Im so in need of cash cash~

TIEW TIEW tiew tiew TIEW TIEW tiew tiew x100 times (: (: (:
Follow my fingers~ Let's dance to the beat.
TIEW TIEW tiew tiew TIEW TIEW tiew tiew x100 times (: (: (:

Im sick. Coughing like a elephant now. ):
I want a big bear hug! hahaha.

10:50 AM

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yellow polka dot bikini

Such a boring Sunday. I swear i put on pounds after pounds gorging down those food i found on my dining table. I feel so guilty so fat. Im exploding. ):

Im starting to pull my hair & scream!!! PLEASE stop those mushrooms from growing on me. I know im rotting. zzz

I need entertainment & fun. Can someone date me pls?!
I might doze off anytime.

My sis came home with a new bikini and tangkini. oh-so-envy.

Bwa hahahahahas. Evon's going crazy.

4:09 PM


Bala Ba Ba Ba Im lovin it` (:

Okays Okays i know i know. Its Macs again! What's not. lols. (:

Im so broke i didnt go shopping. sighs.
I took my allowance earlier this time round for dinner with Stanley. (:
Im so gonna suffer for the rest of the week eating grass. *MOOoOo*
Rot in front of my com for the whole morning & noon.

Meet up with Stanley for dinner at MACs in pioneer mall. (:
Been ages since we last catch up on what's happening. In fact, GOSSIP!
I was telling him how Mr oh-so-macho T is like in class when Dara called.
It was such a coincidence! hahaha.
New gossip coming up~ (: The guys in the class will had a big laugh if they get to hear this man!
Big fat liar you shitty ass! Go bang the wall if you ever need, or actually, you HAVE TO! hahaha.
Totally disgusted. One day i will chop off your freakin nose that grows oh-so-freakin-long.
Dara & i was laughing like mad dogs can! Super funny.

It was great doing some bitching & catching up with a long time friend. So much to say, so much to update. (:
We need to bitch more often Stan. hahahaha.
Round up & headed home at 9pm.
Walked home.

I need a new hair dye.
Hair therapy pls (:

I wish i own a money tree. hahaha.

11:57 AM

Saturday, June 10, 2006


(: (: (:

Ytd was slacking day. Its god damn bored my hair drops. hahaha.
I slept till noon time & went over to baby's house. zzz.
Bought lunch for him & slack slack more slackkkss.
Use the com, had some laughs & stone-d alot. (:
I dozed off for a short while & he woke me up. ARGH! =/

Reset my tamagotchi (PUPU) because it grew up to be a worm.
Which means unhealthy. Cos i didnt take good care of it. hahaha. OPPS.

Some photos uploaded.

Baby's pipi!

Evon's pupu!

Pi pi & Pu pu (:

La di dum di dums~ (:

12:24 PM

Thursday, June 08, 2006



My head is spinning now. I guess i need lotsa sleep. hahaha. *snores*
I travelled alot today. I think the distanced added together is enough to go China from Singapore. LOLS.
My throat is still abit sore. Maybe its the fries & all that goes into my tummy today. *OPPS*

I went to baby's house at 10am today.
Throughout i feel quite guilty. That explains why i keep staring at him and stone.
It's a secret of the guilt in me now. ): sighs
Im such a bitch. Someone scold me pls. ARGH.

Sent him to sch at 3pm & went to meet Dara to hang.
hahaha. I have something to reveal.
I took the wrong direction train. Suppose to go tiong i ended up going towards jurong east side from clementi!!
I cant believe it man. Im like so stone-d. *OPPS*
Hang at tiong with my girlfriend & i know leisher's girlfriend now!!
Dont worry its impossible for me to leak anything out.
Nobody reading this understands what im talking about except Dara. (: hahaha.
We bitched quite a moutain-full. hahaha.

Left to fetch baby from clementi & we went back tiong to dine for dinner.
Im like so 'tiong' today okays. =/
Had KFC.
Seat around and talked before heading home. Im so god damn tired i can knock out anytime now. *YAWNS*

Im going swimming tml with baby at Jurong East. Its a smaller version of Wild Wild Wet. (:
I hope it doesnt rain tml pls. I wanna have fun yeah. lols.
That's it.

10:53 PM

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Happy Beanie (:

Like what Dara mentioned, i think i need pen & paper too. (:
Officially lost voice due to the vodkas & shoutings. Absolute JimBeam Barcadis & all.
I love partying. Or in fact, 'bua-ing' my girlfriends. We had fun dont we? (:
Im such a happy beanie. hahaha. (:

I just woke up from some seriously needed beauty sleep.
Im still tired! hahaha. We didnt sleep throughout.
I only manage to rest my eyes for around 15 mins or so in the morning.
We didnt really BBQ much actually. Joseph & terence did most of the BBQ-ing. =/
The girls were busy Bua-ing in the chalet. (: Partying rocks evon's socks.
Dara & i drink like as if millions of bottled alcohol but we just cant get drunk.
Ayn was 'knocked-out' for being high & slept quite soon after that. She gotta work next day.
We played truth or dare, some funny animal game & 007 by Hong Mian, UNO.
All of us were discussing about those weird noises & whistling we heard in the night.
We were scared. We stayed downstairs throughout the night. It was rather eerie & Dara was beside me hugging & squashing me. hahaha.
She dirtys the poor pillow with choco ice cream, satay sauce, vodka & everything that happens to be in her hands. hahahaha. Pls be careful can?! (:

Chee Chee went home at 10+pm. What a pity. But we still had fun being crazy. hahaha.
We sat in the room upstairs talking about ghost stories & encounters in early morning. *Ahhh!*
Cleared up & left for breakfast at downtown.
We were so bitchy can??! As in lotsa bitching la! (: All the way to tampines Mac.
Our class guys are so gossipy & kpo la! But its funny when we found out they actually thinks the same things as us. (:

Although its only like so few of us, It was quite meaningful & hell loads of fun still.
Memorable & nice. hahaha.
Lotsa food Lotsa fun Lotsa 'sex'. OMGosh. lols (:

(P.S: Why in the world i asked Ruth & Keldy to eat my bag with me? I must be crazy!)

10:19 PM

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Off we go...

Ytd didnt get to have my hair dyed cos baby's mum took sick leave last min. ):
Oh well. Another day perhaps.
I sent him to school at 2+pm since i have nth better to do & didnt wanted to stay home.
Headed down to Holland V to get some bread from 'Provance' for my relatives after that.
Ytd was such a hot day i was sweating like some pig rolling on the ground man.
My uncle & auntie came & we went Jurong Point to have dinner. Fish & co! woah.
I was so floated like a balloon after that i cant walk properly to shop. hahaha.

Its about time to get ready for class chalet for today. *excited*
Long waited event to come yea! (:
*evon flashing her cheeky smile* hahaha.
Im so tired man cos i woke up at freakin 8+am to collect sotongs. =/
Ppl, see how nice i am ok!! Better finish up all. hahaha.
Have to remove the skins & everything which is so hell gross! But i did it. No worries im gross. hahaha. Get it?
Im about to go pack my stuff now. Aint bringing much.

Now waiting for baby to come meet me under my block to spend some time together before i go chalet. (:
If not he will miss me terribly. hahaha. *thick skin*
Its gonna be real fun with the class i guess! (:
Ppl, wait for my update! lols.

11:22 AM

Monday, June 05, 2006


Just another Town day

Ytd was great. Although its just another town day. (:
Meet up with baby n we headed to town. Oh man its so crowded la!. *roll eyes*
We cabbed to Wisma Atria to shop around.
Eyed on this Flesh Imp top but how nice. Dont have the colour i wanted. DARN! ):
Oh well. Walked to taka n there is a TOY FAIR! omg omg! lols
I feel so much like a kid there. Everything is so cute.
There is this performance by TAMAGOTCHI~
And the funny thing is.. the mascort eyes is forever looking to the left n i happen to stand on the left. Somehow cocked eye. hahaha.
I waved at it and it actually WAVED back! Im so surpried~ hahaha.
Grow up Evon. tsktsktsk.

Okays we look around for a nice pair of jeans but to no avail. zzz.
Then.. we decided to get tamagotchis~ =/
Taka doesnt have nice ones. Only the glow-in-the-dark type.
So we went toy r us n i bumped into tutz and adil working there. There outlet-hopped! lols
Baby got the pink one for me cos the colours are so limited & mostly ugly. aaw.
Its rather silly cos it cost 30 bucks n i could like have gotten a top with 30 bucks. hahaha.
We walked back to taka from paragon n get the glow in the dark one.

It was too messy & crowded to shop! All you get is ppl stepping on your foot!
We had a food marathon. We ate and ate and ate.. i think my previous life was a pig.
I need slimming therapy gosh! (:

Went to baby's house & had a tiring time figuring how to play. hahaha.
Its as if we are 3 years old and two happy beans! (:

Photos will be up asap hopefully. (:
Didnt go sentosa today. ):

10:37 AM

Sunday, June 04, 2006



People, im offically annoucing im bored.
Blogging is addictive i could say. hahaha.
If not i wouldnt have 2 entries in a day when i have nth better to do. (:

I need shopping therapy pls.

Currently, there is a change of plans.
Baby and i are not going sentosa anymore for today. =/
We are going shopping!! smucks. But.. Im running low on cash duh!
Have to wait for his mum to get home to 'remove' his lil bro before he can get his ass out of that cosy house.
I need almost everything from head to toe. GOSH!
hahaha. i wanna get u-know-what from Topshop later. Elephantees rocks. (:

Tml we shall head for sentosa instead. But i know i know.
Plans not confirmed. I shall blog tml then. hahaha.

This entry is crap. Reason? Evon is bored. (:

12:54 PM



im so thankful cos its.. HOLIDAYS! whee!
Last day of school makes me high. Dont believe?
Ask the people whom i walked with to Woodlands interchange.
How i wish Dara was right beside me dancing with me my "tiew tiew" dance!
(: But somehow im still a happy bean cos SCH'S OUT!!
Danny is abandoning us though for some field research at SARAWAK.
Pls dont get bombed there. We still want to see you back in school ok.
He is such a cool and gay faci. I like (:

Chalet is like just 2 days away & im so looking forward to it.
I wanna see Dara strips when she gets high. (or maybe bite or lick someone next to her) hahaha.
I wanna see Shoonie go crazy.
I wanna see Chee Chee do the bimbo dance.
I wanna see all of their 'hidden sides'. Im evil. hahaha.
I wanna see everything. Im a greedy greedy girl i know.
I cant wait i cant wait. (:

Im waiting for baby to wake up. We have a sentosa date but he is still asleep damn.
): Today's sunday and i woke up like freakin 8+ in the morning?
I must be 'biao'. (:
Maybe we might just end up shopping instead of soaking in the sun cos he only allows me to choose between shopping or sentosa.
Can i have both pls!?
zzz im going to slack my butt off now.

9:34 AM

The BIG E.
Sweet eighteen

Love conspirated & victimized
HOT & Sauce-y leftovers
Explosive & traumatizing attitude

; Braces.
; A puppy.
; Pandora's box - Dress
; Pumps
; Gold locket necklace.
; Black skinnies
; Puma / Adidas sweater / Le Coq Sportif sweater
; IPOD Nano.
; Prawning.
; Papilion / Birkies
; Holiday trip with pumpkin.
; JB trip with pumpkin.
; Catch a meteor rain.
; Slim down.


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