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Sunday, July 30, 2006



Maybe when my anger go down i might think this post is crap.
BUT RIGHT NOW. i wanna shout out.

Stop playing me around like a fool.
Stop treating me like a slave.
You toyed with my love and my pride.
You tossed my i-cant-live-without-you feelings in the air.
Do you know at this point of time I FEEL SO FUCKED UP!!

Sometimes; I think im a loner. An unwanted being in this world.
A rejected item.

I hate realistic and cold-blooded bastards.

3:15 PM


I know its not right.

Somehow; Its not right.
Is it being thick skin or is it just finding what has been missing before everything started.
Im not suppose to do all these right now.

Now i know what kind of girls fancied.
Now i know it wasnt me.
Okay faced it. IM UNWANTED.


1:18 AM

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Im fallin from the clouds

Im being such an EMO fuck today. I just dont know why.
Maybe i happen to be staying home the whole day today eventhough its saturday.
I aint got a life i know.
If lingzhen is finishing work early, she said we could hang out and chill. But i guess she is not.
And i could have asked some ppl who are free out today.
But i just didnt feel like taking the initiative to. I wanna hide in my shell.

Actually, i thought i was fine and wont cry over him anymore.
I realised i still couldnt make it till that stage whereby i could pretend we could still be good friends or whatsoever kind of relationship we are currently in.
I MISS HIM ALOT TODAY. Trust me i really do.

Maybe it was just all the PMS and EMO shit that got me tearing today on my bed.
And i asked him is he getting him a back a gf after enjoying for awhile the single feel; Or is he intending to be single all this while.
His straight reply was : ALL THIS WHILE.
So tell me; what more can i ask for on my behalf. NOTHING.

Then it made me questioned myself why am i doing all these with him. I mean we are like merely friends and friends dont dont dont do all these.
Stanley said it looks as if we are still together.
How i wish it was what he had said. But i knew it wasnt, will never be, and could never happen again.

Love me once again you ass. Dont make me love someone.



10:57 PM

Friday, July 28, 2006


Its a bumpy journey; Needless to say, a tough one

Sometimes, i do have the tendency to call or sms him. hahaha oh well.
But he too, does that when he was bored.
Things are still as complicating. I dont know how to go about explaining it.
One min it seem beautiful; The other it seem like doomsday.

I rushed to meet him for dinner ytd. It was still as great.
Talked about anything and everything.
And it seem all so nice and wonderful for the day. (:

Do human really know the meaning of love and being loved? So much for creating this substance called love then. DUMB.

Its like 6.56pm now. I came home after DAMN HELL BORING enterprise module today.
Im meeting stanley at 8pm for dinner and my stomach is calling for food already. ahh.

I really do start hating some ppl in class eventhough i know they might be harmless.
Some things they do just piss me off greatly and i cant take it each time it happens.
All i feel like doing in that flip of time was to go up and tell them: STOP IT !!
Yeah but i know i need to tone down. I mean, what for.

6:55 PM

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Caught in a rainstorm; Struggling

People, Im here to say DONT WORRY. Evon is okay and hanging on there. (:
Im already starting to be back to normal.

Thank you list
Dara Toh my girlfriend: Thanks for being with me all this while. I had fun screaming my lungs out and throwing paper planes. (:

Shoonie my pretty lovely: You are the one standing by me advicing me. You helped me alot and pulled me up when i was down. My gratitude for you is more than words to be said; deeper than the ocean i could thank you for. i love you babe. (:

Hong Mian the monster: Thanks for being a monster to cheer me up and make me smile once again. And taking care of me when i was drunk. (:

Keldy the artistic man: Thanks for making sure i was home that day and asking me not to think too much. You have been a nice listening ear. (:

Drea and samantha the oct 18th baby and lil princess: Although it has been long since i last saw you guys. I miss you all lots. And thanks for all the comfort and advices given in my tags. I would love to cuddle up with you all. (:

Stanley Teo my beloved bro: 11 years of friendship and i really do appreciate it each time you lent me a shoulder to cry on or meet me up to console me. You have seen me grow, and we shall always be the cutest ppl remember? Hope you and emily are going on fine. (:

Other classmates (Ruth, Ayn etc): You guys make my day with laughters and joy. Thanks so much. (:

Im back on my feet. And counting as each day passes by. I never regretted having him in my life still.

8:12 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It wasnt a clean break up.

It wasnt a clean break up. It was still filled with smses and calls.
Good ones and bad ones. It was concerns and arguments still.
Why cant i shake those stuff off. DAMN it.

But i have been trying my best; and still am doing it, to get over him and done with.
Provided.. he stops being nice. But my heart was telling me if only he could be nice.
Very contradicting right? Im not sure myself either. FUCK.

I went drinking on sat and got drunk.
I drank on sun and hanged-over.
I skipped sch on mon to meet up with him for some purposes. I know thats stupid.
I went mount faber with my girlfriend Dara toh in the evening.
Im fallin for mount faber. I LOVE cable cars. (:
I wanna someone to bring me up there again. yeah someone.

I went school today. Let's all be good girls and boys.
Staying at home by myself makes my mind wander. So i would rather not.
In school i laughed, i joked, we 'HO CHIO'. Which seems good.

Im starting to find myself back. At the same time, i think im still losing sth.
The X-factor i suppose.


11:12 PM

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I want my life back

I began to cry lesser. I started giving up on myself.
I told them im gonna be strong. I lied to myself again. I cant. Im useless.
Feel for me. Every single moment my tears rolled down my cheeks for you to return.

I got drunk. I tried smoking.
I badly wanna numb myself. But.
The more i do it; the more miseries it brings to me. Leave me alone.
Let me perish in my own world and find no meaning in living on.
Fuck me.

3:40 PM

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Baby boy, if you happen to read this.

Im still in love with you. So much.

Can we start all over from the scratch. I dont wanna be a goner.

7:20 PM


I used to be happy. I used to be blissed.

I need alot of push and alot of help to get back on my feet.

Late into the night, i was all alone each time.
And each time i cried, i greatly wanted to be strong once again.

I still gribbed that glims of hope in my palms thinking of miracles. I must be stupid.
Each time i gave someone a smile, deep down my heart tears and broke.
Im trying hard. But i just cant. My life is fucked up.

I lost the will to move on. I lost the wish to stand up. I lost myself. Im nothing.

4:49 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I only know how to cry

im feeling really down now. in fact im fucking fucking sad sad!!!
I just wanna run up to him and hold him in my arms and tell him how much he still meant to me.
I dont want this to end. Im stubborn scold me for all you want.
Ever thought of him, every minute when im by myself, i cried. i cried terribly.
I cannot forget him. I cannot forget what he did. I cannot bring myself to hate him.
What am i doing. I HATE MYSELF!

Somehow i dont wish to open up to others who cares for me.
Cause right now i only need his concern, his care, his love.
I dont want it to fade away. I want it to stay. I wanna us to start all over.
Im willing to forgive him for whatever he does. I need to try to be strong. I just cant live without him.
Scold me loser scold me stupid. Im everything you can bring me up to be.

He doesnt want to answer my calls. He doesnt want to reply my msgs. He doesnt even wanna see me. He dont love me anymore that is all i know.

It was that girl. He told me.
I failed to keep his heart to myself. I failed my duties as a girlfriend. Im nothing bout a good-for-nothing.

11:47 AM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Don't; My heart can't think properly.

Im feeling really down now. I cant think and make sense out of things properly.
I only know i saw what she wrote. In her blog.
More than once, it made me question my trust towards my love one.
It made me wonder and craving for an answer, am i losing the love i used to have soon?
Im worried. Im such a pussy.
I read it with my own eyes. Im sure i did not make a single mistake.
It was those words. 'Can i fall in love again?' 'cherricherri' & 'cuddles daddy'.
How can i not lose my confidence, how can i pretend i have never seen them.
I know she's a bitch. I know she is up to anything to play bitchy.
At this moment, i just wanna shout. I just wanna cry out loud.
Let me live my life in peace. go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:33 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Eventhough the stars stop shining; ilove

A min ago i was eating so called prawn-flavoured maggie mee; It didnt taste prawn-y at all.
I had to add like so much tomato sauce & it ended up tasting like worms soaked in hot tomato juice. hahaha.
Didnt have dinner outside because Baby and me was broke.

It rained this morning! AHH! Just as expected. But this time round, we decided to go ahead with our plans and not cancel them.
Thank god we didnt cancel. hahaha. The sun was scorching hot & shiok! (:
Alot of tourists at sentosa. Relax.
I heart sun sea sand. (:
Took yellow line bus back to departure centre & half way this group of big adults ang mohs boarded.
They were singing openly in the bus with different kinds of funny songs & laughing real loud.
It got everyone else in the bus laughing too.
They looked 'drunk' or maybe they were just crazy people. hahaha.
One of them said: " Hello ppl!! How are you guys?!" hahaha. Funny.

Caught Pirates of Carribean at Tiong. Not town area because weekend + high demanding movie = No seats / full house.
Both of us were tired. So we found a quiet place before the show & took a short nap.
The show was nice i think. It got me jumping dunno how many times when some shit poped out of nowhere. hahaha.
Captain Jack was funny. Dumb ass. (:

School tml. Boring. ZZZT -

9:41 PM

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Dont say you love me; My heart cant take it

Just bathed. (:
I was intending to stay home today although its a saturday.
So i rejected my sec sch friends gathering to town for movie & all. hahaha.
Went online & slack but i got bored. So i decided to watch DVD; alot like love.
2 mins or so after i on it, Baby msged me saying he is able to meet me to hang.
That's why, i went out in the end. hahaha.

At first we wanted to catch pirates of carribean at PS. It was full house in early noon till evening. DAMN.
Great world was full too. So was Tiong. Even Tiong man. ftw. ):
So i just roll around on his bed and slack my ass away using the com and eating french fries, drinking bubble tea. hahaha.
That was my lunch okays. (:
Then dinner at Tiong. He wanted to eat BK again. AHH!
He had turkey bacon & i had just fries again. Wasnt really that hungry lah.
Loiter ard the shopping mall then came home. Rather tired.

Baby wants me to meet him at 9am tml to go sentosa.
And maybe watch pirates of carribean if we mange to get tickets. Its a sunday.
I have the feeling we wont go sentosa again. hahahaha. wait for my news. (:

Going to play online game with Baby now.

11:08 PM

Friday, July 14, 2006


Dont, dont let me be the last to go

I was sleeping from 6.30pm till nw, 11.54pm. (:
4 mins ago, i just jumped out of bed & panic my ass away.
Because because because, damn i haven do my quiz which closes at 11.59pm of cos.
Raelene is too strict so cant really afford not to do. She will just nag like some old granny who cant seem to stop. YUCK.
My world is spinning ard. Im deadbeat.

Enterprise was BORING hell BORING hell hell BORING today. ):
It mades me stoned the whole while when she talks & i was really sleepy.
Keldy that ass was sleeping in such a funny way, Ruth and I laughed. hahaha.
We sorta had like a debate today. I was the 1st speaker. Oh well.
@*#&(! I was not prepared at all because i went for CAP OPEN MIC performance at ard 11.45am and only manage to get back class at nearly 2pm.
All i did was anyhow crap my way through and not bad, 1 min thank god passes fast for me. hahaha.
Terence's group suck at judging the results. His words just doesnt make sense. Nonsense.

Dara and me was suppose to go for CAP major meeting organised by garnesh this big status guy.
But ended up we were just not having the mood to.
Everyone else in class left except me Dara and Bobby. Guess What!
Both of us started off by banging and disturbing the guy playing game alone next door. hahaha.
Until he came over to our class and open the door and made us laughed real hard.
Then it was the stupid idea. Decided to go bang the walls of almost all classes ard ours.
Bang and run. It was damn hell funny and irritating cos we go like.... banging soft soft soft; alternate bangs; real loud anyhow bangs;
hahaha. MAD COWS! (: i heart.

Too tired to go anywhere. So I went home with Bobby. That stupid fart shit was looking at girls all the way. hahaha.


11:57 PM


Flower Power

Im msning with Keldy and Yongxun now. Its past 12am. hahaha.
I think what Keldy gonna give his gf tml is really sweet of him.
Im envious of the gf for having such a good bf. (:

Im lazy to blog. Had comm. skill module today.
Overall was enjoyable and nice. My group did on 'desperate housewives' on sexual references & stuff like that. (:
Only had second breakout today because the first one was used for class.

Had CAP backdrop meeting after school & the stage is 'decorated' now by us. Not bad.
Tml will be the performance by live bands organised by OPEN MIC!! yay. At last.
Had BK (dinner) at Tiong with baby. I cabbed there with Dara.
Had to return the VCDs to video ezy by today so i had to go down.

Was watching VCDs all the way from morning in class.
That explains why Dara and Keldy wonder why i was so quiet and unusual in class today.
Watched art of seduction and 50 first dates. Didnt get to finish watching wet dreams.

Im seriously going to sleep now.
Fucking tired.


12:16 AM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Peanuts & Pancakes (:

Im at Shaun's house with Baby and Shaun now.
Both of them are sticking their eyes onto the com screen and playing some RAR RAR game. (:
So i decided to blog while stoning.

I didnt go school today. It wasnt intentionally. I would love to go for today's class though.
Wonderful group and wonderful faci. (:
But i was brain dead & can easily doze off with a snap of your fingers. As easy as ABC. hahaha.

Finished work at 12am which is earlier than expected. Actually the staff have to stay to work till early morning. But somehow, i hopped. Because jieying, kevin, shaun and baby were not staff & i wanna hang out with them instead. hahaha.
Supper was provided. Not bad Not bad.
Then we started roaming ard town area walking from forum to cinileisure.
Seat at the basement and Kevin stole a drink from the counters because they didnt even empty the ice peach tea inside the containers & all fresh and tasty.
Even took the cup's cover and straw. Cool~
Walked back to forum there thinking of playing pool at 1am but damn. We couldnt find the exact place that opens pool till late night & we ended up stranded at an empty deserted carpark.
Scary. AHH! Oh, 'blah blah blah' pee into the bucket because he couldnt control anymore. hahaha.

Went macs and stoned while Jieying and Kevin took a cab home. 3 of us gonna ton.
Wouldnt wanna waste cash on cabs when we dont feel like going home early.
Played this game which requires you to like take turns & say a thing that links to the previous thing the person mentioned. Such as 'pepsi' then you say'coke'.
Had really big laughs cos some were SO ridiculous can!
I helped Baby to do finish his project. YAY! (:

Camped at macs then walked all the way from town back to Tiong. Hell.
So tiring and deadbeat sleepy.
No trains yet cos it was too early at 5am or sth. So we seat down and the station like idoits...
I dozed off obviously. hahaha.

Went to Baby's place to sleep and couldnt make it for school.
So did he. We intend to forge a fake MC for submission to his school attendence department. Cross fingers it works.
Woke up and came Shaun's house to slack. Nothing better to do.


3:33 PM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Dumb eyeballs

Im blogging in school now during 2nd breakout. (:
Im not free to blog tonight cos i've got one-day work.
Maybe i might even need to rush my RJ and quiz before going work. TIRING.

Maths module today. Probability again. Boring.
The classroom is freakin cold im wearing a sweater yet still freezing. Gosh!

The school stupid Cafe Galilee is so not organised. They always mix up orders and screwed themselves.
We waited for like terribly half an hour during the first breakout for our sandwiches.
They are so lousy they dont even have any other ingredients except for the yucky chicken mayo.
It tasted terrible somehow and it feels weird inside my stomach.
It made me lost my appetite for lunch now so i didnt go with the rest to eat. Diet on the other hand. (: hahaha.

Yue Rong's laptop LCD screen cracked.
Shoonie's friend sent her this saddist email of the China soldier executing a few china lil girls for murdering i think. DAMN hell gross. Squashed brain.

My group will be presenting first because of Yue Rong's poor com.


2:09 PM

Monday, July 10, 2006


Octopus is you

I got my laptop back from Baby this morning when he came over to JE station to pass to me.
He looked so tired & restless but he cant go home to rest.
He lied that he has got sch to his mum and his dad is at home.
So i left school right after being the first team to present & off to the station to meet him.
He fetched me from school. (:
Cabbed to my house because both of us were too tired to take train. Money fly fly. AHH!

My mum was home when we reached. So we were in my study room playing game on com.
I nearly doze off while playing. hahaha.
Mum cooked his share of dinner & we ate together. Happy happy. (:
I lent him my laptop so tml morning have to meet up again. Gosh.

Had enough in the evening & sent him back home to Tiong because i didnt wanted to stay home & see my dad. I dunno why. Hahaha. (:
I was craving for bubble tea anyway. Might as well go out to get a drink.
Walk ard the neightbourhood & saw 'Fei fei' the fat white cat. Hahaha.
Then i travelled home with my bubble tea. Yum. *Pearls dancing in my stomache*

Tml got CAP meeting but i cant make it again.
I have got work tml at 3.30pm actually but due to sch, i think i can be excused to reach there asap. Working till 3am.
School the next day gonna be hell for me. Heavy eye bags and mentally disabled. (:

I wished upon the shining stars;
That everything come what may stays beautifully this way;


10:35 PM

Sunday, July 09, 2006


S i m p l i c i t y

My back is aching my gastric is giving me pains. ):
I think im dying soon. hahaha.

Was trying to watch 50 first dates on com but it doesnt work for VCDs. Only DVDs. Damn.
Im feeling terribly sleepy now & having a bad headache.
I wasted my day today doing the most suffering thing i ever have to do. What to do.

As usual, I went Baby's place. Lazy Sunday. ZZZT-
Spend the afternoon munching on JellyBeans. I love. hahaha.
He needs to finish up with his projects due tml and i was rolling ard on the bed by myself. (:

Then, it was the 'grey box' period. I became such a pussy because i cant take the torture anymore. AHH!
Dont understand its okay. I understand.
It lasted for freakin 2hrs plus i suppose & giving me a hard time. ZZZT-

Went for dinner at Tiong macs & made my way back home.
Decided to stop by Jurong Point & shop ard for anything nice. I feel like spending money.
Hahaha. Dont ask me why.
Reached home & dropped dead on the sofa.

Bathing time then off the sleep.

11:01 PM


Crispy chicken BAAAAAAAH

My mum made crispy chicken & im so in factuated with it.
I ate many. Fattening bitch i am. hahaha.

Ytd was 'weirdd'.
I went for training for Toy R Us stock taking with Baby, Shaun, Jieying and Kevin(her bf).
Its lasted for quite a few hours from 2pm to 7pm and i finished the practical part faster than all of them!! hahaha.
It was held at suntec outlet and in between we only had a 20 mins or so break. (:

After the training Jieying went off with her bf for their '2 person world' & I went to have dinner at pastamania with Baby and Shaun.
They were oggling over the 2 lil girls working there & spotted a really beautiful woman they claimed which i didnt notice while eating. DAMN. (:
Took train & baby sent me to boon lay before going Shaun's house to watch soccer over the night.

I didnt wanted to go home that early at 10+ pm & i received a msg from yongxun.
He just broke up with the gf because the gf was becoming a stranger to him & hiding alot of things from him.
He needs a listening ear & i so happen to be free.
We met up at Jurong Point & slacked at coffee bean chatting away.
Den we got chased out by this weird looking guy working there. hahaha eew.
Strangly, we ended up sitting at the deserted bus interchange because it was like 12am and no more bus activities going on.
Funny thing is.. there is this security guard & he seem so lonely. I think he was trying to find sth to do.
The scene feels like Silent Hill at night. HAHAHA.
He approached us at 2.30am and told us not to get caught by police patrolling because we are not home yet. HAHAHA. yes sir.
Decided to go home since we got nowhere else to go & brought drinks from 7-11 first.
Cabbed home with yongxun & i hope he is fine now.


1:50 PM

Friday, July 07, 2006


Sorrows of pain and agony

People around me all broke up with their love ones recently.
What exactly is happening. Is it my turn soon? Gosh why am i thinking this way?
Slap me awake.

Enterprise module today. I cant afford to skip it again. 3 times gone already. hahaha.
Raelene gave out macadamia chocolates to those who scored A for UT.
I got one from her. (:
It was million years ago since i last received a reward for doing well in studies. hahaha.

Everyone who is concerned is worried for Keldy i guess.
Somehow I do feel and share the pinch of sadness he has.
How we all wish everything will be fine and back to normal & she will forgive.
I wouldnt want someone around me i know to be sad and helpless.
Yet i cant do anything bout it. Its that kind of feeling.

I had nothing for breakfast and cheezels; cup corn; old school snacks for lunch instead of the usual proper meals.
Fattening bitch. (:
Oh ya! Science UT was such a fcuked up one today.
I was obviously late and didnt manage to finish a single freakin question.
My mind couldnt turn back in time to start functioning and soon.. DEH! Time's up.
We drew instead of presenting ppt because ppt is getting more and more boring as weeks pass by.
My group had this picture of Deen's sweet shit and candies with Archie the comic character in the middle. It signifies Adams Equity Theory. Whereby the inputs must equals out the outputs.
Which means... what you eat you must balance out with the shit. Rather lame & stupid. hahaha.

Gave CAP meeting a miss because i had to pass Baby my laptop before evening when he needs to go celebrate his dad and sis bday.
Met up with Shaun and Baby at Commonwealth and we took a bus to Queenstown hawker.
Reached there and realise the 2 stupid idoits went there for a purpose.
It was for another person who lost his love one due to restrictions. Its sad to me.
Dont understand nvm. Its meant for me to read. (:

Bought Heniken Beer & chocos for his dad and sis. His mum's instructions.

Im really tired.

11:36 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Fetish for Choco delights

I've got ulcer in my mouth. OUCH. damn pain. ):
Just realised i didnt put my entry for Tues into my blog & saved it on my desktop.
Forget it. hahaha.
The network was down when i blogged i guess so i didnt uploaded it.

Missed school today aagainn. Comm. skills was fun i heard. Media stuff. Oh well.
Rented VCDs from video ezy from Tiong today.
The art of seduction; Wet dreams; 50 first dates. (:
Dont think dirty come on.
Wet dreams is rated PG and its just about this 4 youngsters who knows nuts about sexual stuff and curious to find out. Its funny! hahaha.

Cabbed over to Baby's house & we cancelled out plans for VCDs screening. LOL.
Slept till 11.30am though. so SHIOK~
Had RAMLY burger from the pasar malam while watching. slups. (:

I went home quite early because his dad came back from China & he needs to entertain him.
Tml they gonna celebrate his dad and sis birthday. Wishes! (:

I need to bath real soon. I stink.
Science UT tml. Piece of shit.

10:13 PM


I dont know if its correct

I dont know the answer to all questions.
I dont have the key to my heart.
I dont know what im suppose to do.
I dont know if what i did was right.
I dont know what will happen tomorrow.
I dont know come what may.
I dont know. I dont know. I dont damn hell know.

Maybe i made a wrong choice to accept. Maybe it was right to be back.
Im such an indecisive person. I deserved death punishment.
hahaha. Im stupid. Im silly shit.

School was FUN today. Marc seriously rocks everyone's socks. (:
It was oh-so-cool when class started at 8.30am supposingly & instead, we went for breakfast time.
Marc was late. And he made his own sandwiches. But nothing beats eating W24B girls' special treatment breakfast combo with so much warmth and love. Thank us. hahaha.
We had lunched with Marc too. He is so KPO can. Everything also wanna know.
Dara said he must be '3 mushrooms 6 grannys' last life. Gossip aunties. hahaha.
My group equally rocks today. We are the LOVELY group full of envy from everyone else ard. OPPS.

It was home after school with Bobby and Angela.
After Angela took her train, Bobby and i chatted alot. From class to bitching and gossips. GAY. hahaha.
I forgot its my second sis bday today. How nice of me. OPPS.

Baby surpised me below at my void deck today. AHH! so cute.
It was so unexpectable.
I suck. hahaha. I was embarrassed. For stupid reasons.
Hanged ard the area and headed to have dinner with my family for the bday thing.

I need to sleep.
Im skipping school tml again. Who cares. (:


I love them so much. (:

12:16 AM

Monday, July 03, 2006


I wish i have more than 24 hrs a day for everything

I am so busy i cant find time to breathe. AHH!
I have just rushed finish my RJ and damn hell the quiz was giving me a hard time. GRR!
I have to change to another com just for it because it doesnt wanna load.

I still get to nap in the evening though. hahaha. (:

Tml shall be another long long day with so many things packed in it.
Class; auditions at lunch break; class; audtions after sch; woman's talk;
Everything sum up will last till 9pm in the night. what a day.
Its gonna be tiring i suppose.

Science module was hectic today.
Dont even have enough time to have lunch in peace. Shoonie chee and me just grab small bites.
Oh well.
SO much information to take in so little time to absorb.
I need more brain cells. I cant do chemistry for nuts! Forget it.

Off for CAP meeting after school at 4.30pm.
Was listening to what Jo has to say and what they were suggesting we do.
So we round up that tml will be the auditions and then, plan what is going to happen on the actual day itself i suppose.
It ended around 5.45pm and I took train home with Dara.

That girl got me craving for cheezels when i forgot about it & i have to like buy a small packet from the vending machine to satisfy my needs for good food.
Dara bought a big packet of cheezels from 'sewen elewen' too. hahaha.
She had half a packet of cheezels in her stomach and half of it on her black shirt.
It was the wind's fault partially. The other part was that girl's clumsiness. hahaha. OPPS.

We saw a hawaiian auntie who chews and sucks on her sweet damn loud it irritates hell out of me. It stinks too i dunno why. hahaha.
We saw a weird guy who looks like tan pingping somehow (by Dara) and he was listening to blasting rock music just beside us.
I was thinking thank god its not techno. If not it will be so... EEEWW~ [bimbotically].
Actually, i think he has got alot of white hair!! hahaha Dara read this. (:

Why are there always so many weird ppl around that just seem to entertain my life with laughters? hahaha.
Oh gosh.

Dont fucking insult me when you urself is a shameless bastard. Dont reason with me cos you dont have to right to. I feel like slapping your FUCK face.


11:26 PM

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Mee Porkchop

You ought to call me or msg me now you idoit piece of shit.

Every sunday is a disappointing day.
Ppl, so if you see me bloggin on sat saying im going to swim or sentosa on sun.
Pls Pls dont believe me. Its not im lying. Its... always cancelled. damn.

We will always end up watching movie and walking ard eating. hahaha.

Caught Superman Returns today at Tiong. (:
Suppose to be watching at Plaza Sing. But hell it was all full house for every session time slot.
Whatever. No choice.
Its a long movie. 2hrs 30 mins i suppose.
But great. I like the lil boy. (Superman's son) so cute!!

I had bubble tea today. But it suck-ed. Blue coral ice blended.
I was just curious how it tasted and Baby suggested trying it.
So we bought it and IT SUCK. yucks.

Ate at Grillers & went to pasar malam to grab bites. Sauages and chickens! (:

You-know-what finally came. Its giving me cramps & making me weak. Hate it.

Tml morning need to go collect my lappy back from Baby at Tiong before going sch. AHH!

11:15 PM



Hahaha. Its always the same thing every week because....
Sentosa plan ABORTED! again. (:
Maybe going to Jurong East swimming complex instead.
Its nearer to my house and Baby dont want any sand anyways.
The weather nowadays is really terrible. Its so freakin hot it makes ppl sweat alot.
And now its fucking gonna rain. The sky is turning dark. WTF!
Now i cant swim with this fucking fucking weather. TMD.


Damn. I got woken up by my family early in the morning.
Reason? All thanks to soccer matches last night.
My bro was screaming for my dad to tell him the scores.
And both my sis were joining in the excitement because....
BRAZIL IS OUT OF WORLD CUP! blah blah blah.

Brazil vs France 0-1
England vs Portugal 0-0 + Penalty kicks 1-3

Whatever. hahaha.

Msning with Shoonie now.
She is crazy. Someone gets to go out with kit kat today instead of working. Right?! (:
I feel the bliss for her. YAY!

Baby have to wait for the stupid laundry guy to come to his place before he can meet me.
Wait wait and wait.

10:56 AM

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I love the girls.

As usual, im craving for bubble tea now.
I guess im too hooked on it, its starting to make me look like a BA-LOON. (balloon). hahaha.

My cash in my wallet is all swept out so i decided to stay at home to rot on a sat.
How pathetic. ):
I turned my sis down on a shopping spree. Its impossible to make me do window shop only. (:
I didnt go for CAP esplanade tour this morning either.
Hell it was too early. 9.15am at esplanade. God knows what we are trying to do. hahaha.

Baby and i made a sentosa plan tml again because we didnt get to go last week.
All thanks to the stupid rain.
I hope tml will be a sunny day. But...
I have a feeling we would end up catching Superman movie instead. hahaha.


Its a grey feeling now.
In my 18 years of study life, i have never felt so special.
I wanna this to never end.
For once throughout the years, I feel belonged with this bunch of girls, this class of mine.
W24B that is.
A few more weeks for us to spend time together.
I dont want to lose this close bond we share. I love them. (:
Everyone is meant to be. The gay class with sexaye girls like us. hahaha.

5:16 PM

The BIG E.
Sweet eighteen

Love conspirated & victimized
HOT & Sauce-y leftovers
Explosive & traumatizing attitude

; Braces.
; A puppy.
; Pandora's box - Dress
; Pumps
; Gold locket necklace.
; Black skinnies
; Puma / Adidas sweater / Le Coq Sportif sweater
; IPOD Nano.
; Prawning.
; Papilion / Birkies
; Holiday trip with pumpkin.
; JB trip with pumpkin.
; Catch a meteor rain.
; Slim down.


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