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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's been one hella hectic week for me.
No time to ever since, blog, shop or whatsoever.
Idk where all my time ran to.

Working the ass off has always been on the list because of moolah.
I just had a look at my rainlender & wtf, it's all green. Work.
Plus, the dental appts & lower purple braces on, so much discomfort & problems in and out.
Pay a price, for beauty.

The past 3 days were zhao's bday chalet & everyone had great comfort & fun in that HUGE private bungolow just beside pasir ris park.
3 big rooms with so many beds & space for everyone.
& 2 nights of mahjong sessions were love.
Probably because, i had my beginner's luck & won for both sessions. (:
Best BBQ ever cos i ate non stop & we had everything to ourselves.
His friends came to watch tv in the living room, do nothing, starve themselves, then go home.
Everywhere was airconditioned. $75 for 3 happy nights! (: (:
Wangzhao was dead drunk btw, since 10pm for the first night. lol!
& we had to clear his puke of beehoon and watery shit throughout the night on the bedsheets and take care of him.
Pumpkin & i cleared up the whole lotta mess all over the house so, zhao ah zhao, pls be thankful you had us along.

I think there's a few pics we took during the stay. Shall steal from JT when i see him online.

I've got work on thurs, fri, sat and sun. That marks my whole first week of holidays.
Yeah yeah sigh.


10:32 PM

The BIG E.
Sweet eighteen

Love conspirated & victimized
HOT & Sauce-y leftovers
Explosive & traumatizing attitude

; Braces.
; A puppy.
; Pandora's box - Dress
; Pumps
; Gold locket necklace.
; Black skinnies
; Puma / Adidas sweater / Le Coq Sportif sweater
; IPOD Nano.
; Prawning.
; Papilion / Birkies
; Holiday trip with pumpkin.
; JB trip with pumpkin.
; Catch a meteor rain.
; Slim down.


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