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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


12 - 19 - 22 - 23 - 26 - 30

I'm finally working tml @ 4.30pm.
Time to work hard for money to buy dogg dogg again.

Saw upon this advertisement selling 6 months old schnauzer salt & pepper for just $350 & still negotiable.
Really heart itchy to contact the owner & buy it from him but........
Pumpkin wants a bulldog. It's not i'm against bulldog or whatsoever don't worry.
It's just that... I've like schnauzer ever since i liked dogs & this is a good purchase. (:
Anyway, the dog will be stationed at his house instead so he gets to choose the breed. Haw Haw!

Head is throbbing. What a wednesday because it was totally a sleeping & eating at home day.
Yesterday was much <3 because pumpkin & I went shopping.
In fact, ended up slacking and not buying anything. HAHAHA!
We headed for fort canning & it was yet another bad experience there.
Never.. Never would we step into there again.
The other time we had this pervertic physcho hiding in the thick bushes just a metre or so away from us when we were sitting there talking. And, that blangalah who peeped at us from behind boldly.
This time round, we had scary experiences.
He saw a black shadow guy walking from afar & i couldn't spot any.
Then, we were at the brighter spot of the building's bench when he spotted yet another forehead peeping from the walls directly in front of us after some time.
There wasn't anyone when we walked over the walls to check. Anyone who has legs & is human can't possibly get away. That's freaky fuck!
We checked on the fort canning website & it sounded real creepy when it used to be graves all over every walls & there was the battle box. (Which was where we were ytd).
Kill us & we will still never ever get our foot into there again with all the ghostly feelings.

Had been towning recently anyways.
The day before i caught 'Dreamgirls' with my friend.
It was a singing show but the storyline was quite touching.
Did some shopping too but didnt get myself anything still. HAHAHA!


9:17 PM

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Nothing more; Nothing worthwhile

Totally incredibly full of sins.
Everything seem to be going wrong. I just can't figure out the main cause.
I'm in fact, living a day by a day. And, i wouldn't know what's my upcoming retribution.
This is getting tiring.
Really, tiring me out. It's as if, i'm losing it.


12:08 AM

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Never know; Never show

Again & again & again it happened.
I'm not left speechless, hopeless.
Just curious about myself, why again & again & time after time, i still do hope for more.

I've wasted a chance of working today.
There goes quite a handful of moola.



8:27 PM

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Bulldogs bulldogs woof woof

Alright the title was rather random i know.

Pumpkin is going to spize then to zouk now to celebrate his friend's bday.
So i'm now at home stoning & spending some quality time with my com.
Working tml, afternoon shift so it's gonna be a long boring day once again.
Morning shift's timeslot always passes faster than afternoon ones. Everyone thinks the same.

I've got two nice tops from my favorite pushcart @ Cineleisure & a beautiful dress from pandora's box.
Thank you to that nice pig for the dress, movie and the stayover once again. (:

Biopolis is screwed because they sent me only a $29.25 cheque instead of my well-deserved $100+ cheque.
Deborah said she is sure i've worked way more than those hours so i think they are trying to do sth bout it. And, i jolly well hoped they do.

I wanna go prawning again soon. PLEASE! (:

Went down Chinatown @ 3.30pm today to get ba gua from the famous Lee Chim Guan's shop.
It was raining cats & dogs, i got drenched like some soaked chicken, Yes.
It's a really unlucky day for me today because the time was so tight & everything is not going on smoothly.
First, pumpkin slept till so late he can't accompany me to chinatown before his work.
Second, I've not enough cash to get the ba gua because of the unexpected cabbings of 50bucks ytd night. Great!
Third, the freaking fucked up bus 16's back door was spoilt and can't close so the dumb bus driver spent 237289378902183 hours trying to clean the censors & wouldn't wanna move. Everyone have to wait for umpteen years and ended up taking the next bus 16.
Fourth, pumpkin was late for work while waiting for me to arrive to pass him the ba gua for his family & the paperworks.
Fifth, the idoitic escalator towards wheelock spoilt and there was a human jam. So this retarded guy going down infront of me was crawling and i nearly sprain my ankle thanks to him.
Sixth, my head was so heavy & spinning i swear i almost died when i finally see pumpkin to pass him all the stuff including yangyang's jelly beans.

That sums up what a smooth sailing day i had hur.

My sleeping hours are upside down because i just woke up & it's almost 1am now.
Guess work tml will be another shag day. HAHAHA!

Good bye.

12:33 AM

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Chocs & candies makes me dizzy

Worked today.
Really deadbeat from the long hours of standing & all.
Did a short while of pick & mix and it was utterly boring.
So i tried sneaking and pretending to go counter & i ended up being packer instead.
Time pass so much freaking faster than pick & mix. This shows how boring P&M is. Yikes!
The crowd comes and go, comes and go. And, my legs went all sour. Rar!

Had the intention of looking pumpkin up after work but then again, i've got no transport home afterwhich.
That silly thing didnt bring extra helmet & he only finishes work @ 11pm or so.
So by the time if i were to wait (Which i don't mind), i would have to cab a terribly 25bucks home.
Got home & let sis and mum try the pick & mix chocs i bought.
They were full of praise. But, it was all so fattening. Duh! -.-

Working again tml but would be a shorter shift.
Wasn't suppose to be working but i'm taking over Jiali's shift cos she has got sth on.
There there, i am afterall a nice girl lahhh. (:

Maybe i might make a trip down to Chinatown tml to get bagua for pumpkin's family.
Felt kinda bad for not visiting them ( I didn't intend to take angbaos but as a form of respect i should visit).
Anyways, I would be taking NEL after work.

Dozed off.

11:34 PM


Marshmallows squash squash

I'm lazy to bath. I'm so tired from work.
Time passes at work quite fast today. Maybe due to the oncoming never ending crowd & the packing of non stop stuff for the cashiers.
It feels so much better to pack then to do pick & mix.
Double pay today & tml. Yay-ness. A step closer to doggie dream. (:

Pumpkin went missing somehow.
I received no smses, no calls.
And, today is our 5th monthsary. In fact, it should be yesterday cos it just went pass 12am.
He didn't wish me. He didn't mention bout it. I did wish him though.
I very much sound like i'm complaining. I guess i really am.
Let's just try consoling myself. Maybe pumpkin is busy enjoying himself.
Just like yesterday. When all my calls to him sum up only a mere 5 mins i guess.
Only when it was 7+ am in the morning, then he called me back to talk a short while in between my sleeping hours.
Do let me rant. Because i might go bonkers soon if i don't.

I don't see a point in me calling either. It would be just another mere 1 min or 2. Or even shorter
perhaps. =/

I don't know what happened to the Biopolos cheque i was suppose to receive by snail mail.
Maybe that 100+ bucks got lost on the way. It would be FU*K if it happens.

No work yesterday because the shop was closed.
So i woke up after sleeping twice & went out.
Dinner @ Tiong MOS burger & movie @ JP again.
Caught 'Twins Mission'. Rated overall a fine one because they do have some funny scenes.
Cabbed home & slept like a dead log & worked again.



12:30 AM

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Gong xi fa cai; Ang moh mei you lai


Although my family can't celebrate CNY this year, we still had a lil gathering sorta.
No reunion dinner; No ang baos; Just like any normal day.
Kinda miss grandma. Hope you are resting in peace in the other world.
My uncle auntie just called this morning from Malaysia.
They are going over to gugu house to visit her. Ah/ I miss them too.

Work has been really tedious & tiring for my feet.
It's killing me, but my doggie dream keeps me going.

Amazingly, I went DXO to club after work eventhough next day im starting work @ 9am.
Look up pumpkin first @ Big O because the rest wasnt @ DXO yet.
He sent me over & i ate @ the kopitiam next to DXO first. Char Kway Teow. Hur Hur!
Live band perfomance was WOOOOSH & R&B rocked through the ladies night.
Suprisingly, i was in black polo tee & jeans & slingbag to club. Haw Haw! So last min.
Pumpkin went home after i enter DXO. Pure ladies partying for me. (:

Demin came in his car to pick us up @ 3.30am.
Dropped Jialin off @ duchess road & my house next followed by Sammy's & den Grace's.
Was a damn crazy night & been some time since i've met ppl as crazy as me. HAHAHA!
Number 5 & Number 11, right girls? HOHOHO!

Eve of new year i worked. Same rountine, but morning shift.
Freaking slept 3 hours only, i didn't know how i manage to tahan till 6pm after work.
Had abalone etc for dinner & i fell asleep for bloody 30mins when i got woken up.
My family wants to watch 'Just follow law' @ JP.
So we headed over for the 10.30pm show & only got home ard 1am. Tiring!

So, guess i'm spending today the first day of CNY getting online & watching tv shows.
Eventhough there's no ang bao giving session, dad passed me 50bucks.
Mum gave me another 50bucks. &! Candy empire gave their staff 10bucks each. (:
I still have a lil money rolling in. Not bad! Hohoho.


2:40 PM

Friday, February 16, 2007


Blank mind. Can't random for the time being.

Kinda tired & sleepy now so i can't think of any to put as title.
Chatting with pumpkin in msn now.
Was about to get done with kana kimi episode 11 and going to bed when he came online.
So now, i haven gone to bed. Zzzt.

Was suppose to go polyclinic to get my braces thing & pumpkin's leg.
But, we cancelled it because we were thinking of going only after CNY.
Besides, we also cancelled the shopping trip to get my work stuff.
Because i'm going with mum to JP instead to get them.
Advantage of going with mum? Payment all settled easily. LOL!
I've got 2 polo tees; Mondo flats; 2 tee for didi; & probably alot of new year tidbits.
Of cause, i got 5 sugar rolls home. Totally delicious cool bites. (:

Starting work @ Candy Empire tml already.
Quite excited for it at the same time, nervous.
Don't know how it would be like to work over there with crowds everyday & mostly chinese staff.
Been quite some time since i last work. Hope i can cope with the workloads. Haw Haw!
Working means lesser time spent with pumpkin & lesser time to get cosy.
But, working means earning more money which means my doggie is coming on its way. (:



1:13 AM

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I can show you the world on the magic carpet ride

It's 4.58am now & i shall blog while i wait for babykins to reach home.

Best Valentine's day ever thus far & i love pumpkin like there's no tml!
Everything went on so smoothly & blissfully that i could ever ask for.

Munching on fish crackers & drinking chrysanthemum tea + admiring my flower. (:
Almost completed everything on our list that we used to always wanna do but didn't have the chance to. Or maybe not we, it's me. HAHAHA!
Shall cut this real short if not i would have everything to go on and on till god knows where.

Hotdog @ River Valley. No dogs yet next batch coming in on 24th feb. Shall wait & see.
Dine @ Big O. Had Beef Stew & pumpkin ate fish & chips.
Sweet desert after which named court chocula. Thumbs up! (:
Heeren @ Orchard to walk around / change pumpkin's newurbanmale slippers' size.
Babykins bought a lil bouquet of a flower for me. Pink rose!! My fav!! LOVE YOU TO BITS!!
He wanted to get me those helium heartshaped balloons too but, we were just wondering how it would go onto the bike when we travel. So i killed his lovely idea although i love it. (:
Cineleisure @ Orchard to walk around. Really just A round. hahaha!
Prawning farmart @ Choa Chu Kang. BEST SHOT!
So totally cool to do prawning & test your patience.
Beginners are we, so we only had a few prawns caught.
But, i got my lady's luck shining cos i caught one female prawnie all by myself! Heh Heh!
Going back to prawn again in the coming up weeks. Hooray! (:
Pumpkin sent me home & we slack at my house awhile.

No words can describe how much i treasured these memories.
No words can describe how wonderful this genuine love of ours has developed into.
I wish, it would all last till. & the smile has never been wiped off from the face.
I love you pumpkin. More than anything, more than anyelse. *sniff sniff*

Peektures time.
Till then.

4:20 AM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Be my valentine; Be my love

First and foremost,


Last year on this day, unhappy scenes happened.
This year, i swear i won't ever let it happen on me.

Thanks for your ever so mighty patience & love.
Thanks for your ever so wonderful touching words.
Thanks for your ever so funny jokes & pranks.
So much to thank for, so much to say.
In simple words, dearest pumpkin, I love you.

HoliSTA just now. Also the first day of holiday.
Got to know more about STA & definitely trained my butt on how to tolerate long hours of sitting in a lecture theatre listening to experts speaking for hours.
Great refreshments offered & all in all, I didn't mind turning up still. (:

Yet, marking an end to semester 2 Year 1.
A beautiful ending to W25J.
Spent the last day going to Sebastian's house.
His dogs are really adorable Jessie is so obedient la.
Picked up quite a wee bit of mahjong skills. HAHAHA!

I'm tired & the cramps are killing me.
Just finish making pumpkin's valentine card and wrapping the present.
NewUrbanMale sandals & a proud-of-it self made card. HAHAHA!
Let the peektures do the talking.

Till then.

2:42 AM

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Stinky hongkong foot with itchy head scalp snowflakes

Just got home. Bathing soon.
Met up with JT @ Boon lay in the noon & took train to Tampines to meet Sean & Sam.
We went Ikea Tampines because JT wanted to get sth to accessorise his room with.
So, i guess he got himself a full length mirror.
Let's hope it doesn't crack so fast due to the repeatative looking & admiring into it.
Been on a lookout for small house breed dogs recently.
Have the intentions of getting now because it has long been intented to.
Checking out more new offers & cheaper bargains around in town because we are poor kids.
Probably after I got my salary from the job offer i managed to get today.
80% chance of working in CANDY EMPIRE!!!! (:
Heh Heh! They called me up right after i sent my resume over @ jobsDB.
The manager was uber friendly & he told me everything as if i'm starting work tml.
Will wait for the phone call for the actual working date because he needs to fit my schedule in.
Kinda excited for it. It would be @ Vivo outlet instead cos i choose it instead of millenia walk.
Let's pray. (:

Pumpkin just called & told me he bumped into lingzhen @ Cine.
She screamed his name. HAHAHA!
That silly girl. ^ ^
Brain cell killing to think of vday gifts. ABCDEFG -.-
Think i will go for sth more budget because my doggie is calling for me. LOL!


12:40 AM

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hating all these doesn't mean i don't love you no more

MOS Hey Sugar! last night.
Retro night & everyone was grooving to the music on the dancefloor.
I didn't do much dancing probably because i was tired from the sch day.
Or maybe due to some other foreseen reasons.
Oh well.

Smoove room was playing r&b so i kinda prefer it there.
There's this bitch. She came so much later & squeezed in behind me.
So i was very much trying to make space for the ppl moving out and in the wire cage when she just keep pushing and shaking like some mad cow.
+ she was so sticky and sweaty and she keep bua-ing against me like i'm some oil paper.
So, i got real fed up & pushes her back with my ass.
That was when i became dancing like a mad cow, just to get back at her.
It added oil to fire because she didn't stopped & continue pushing me on purpose.
So, i didn't stop too. &! she couldn't stand it i guess so she got her ugly friend to change place with her so that the friend can bump me real hard.
I treated them fairly, i bumped her with my ass the way i did to the sweaty bitch.
&! Pumpkin was around so much so that they realised. So they kinda retreated. HAHAHA!

Some nerd came to me while i was walking by myself in the retro room upstairs.
Pumpkin was like busy entertaining himself with the round glass chair. LOL!
He opened the mouth and said: "Can i have you number?" & screened me a friendly face.
Alright so i smiled back geekily & shoke my head. HAHAHA!

Brought the gang of guys which includes:
Pumpkin; Ivan; Ethred; Victor; Sean; JT; Wangzhao,
to find lingzhen & her clique @ GMAX after entering MOS.
They had Chivas & it was a killer among them. I didn't touch much alcohol at all.
Bravo. (:
Pumpkin & the rest's eyes went kinda shot red after drinking nit.

We had mac in between over at liang court & they had beer.
Sean & JT went home without entering MOS. Hur Hur.
Walked back to MOS & enjoyed abit more before we headed to 7-11 for drinks before going home.
I couldn't sleep when i was done bathing. =/

AND, today is a sleeping day because i slept, woke up eat & slept again.
Waiting for the 9pm show to start so i could be self entertained for that lil while.
I'm troubled over money problems. + Vday is coming. Darn!


8:20 PM

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Raindrops keep fallin on my head; Doop Doop

Science UT today.
More like Maths UT instead. Those calculations & stuff. Zzzt.

Most likely leaving after 2nd meeting with pumpkin.
The class is freezing cold & i've got no mood for serious work.
Darn. =/

MOS tonight i guess. HEY SUGAR!
But! Lingzhen will be hanging out with her friends & that would leave me the only girl.
Actually, i don't feel like clubbin @ MOS tonight.
Boring & the music is zzzt indeed.

I didn't turn up for science lesson ytd.
Overslept & spend a boring afternoon in front of com playing yahoo games.
They are kinda exciting to deal with actually. LOL!
Met up with pumpkin in the evening & we had dinner @ Zion road.
Fish slice bee hoon. (:
Strolled around the area & went to the park next to zouk. Chatted awhile & bought neon worms to chew on before heading home.

Dropped dead on the bed the min i reached hme till this morning.
Still dead as a zombie. Zzzt.


10:16 AM

Monday, February 05, 2007


Whip whip, whip the cream; Gently till its seen

AH! I feel random now.

Haven had my wonder bath yet after a sch day.
I must have been the most obedient kid in RP because i didn't skip MKK's lesson.
Very amazing isnt it. hahaha!
Main reason: Pumpkin's not skipping either. Oh wells. (:

Uber freaking tired in class & was totally boring.
Played Bejewelled with Louis in MSN & stoned quite a numberfull.
My class is pathetically left with a mere 5 ppl by the time the last team is presenting.
So i left before the 6P & waited for pumpkin @ level 1.
Headed home for a good ol` rest since i have got one in eons.

Feel so much more refresh & whee-hee now. (:
I completely slept through in the train from woodlands to boon lay & on 243 too. Wonders*

Might be skipping tml.
Still considering because reasons i dont wanna skip would be sin nee's last lesson & the pizza love of class W25J & of cos, discussion of meatball's potluck party on wed.
Cool shit. In a big time dilemma. =/

Wed probably giving MOS a visit for ladies night.
HEY SUGAR party!
So thurs would most likely be a miss for lesson. BAH!
I was thinking of organising a outing for this last week of sch before everyone starts to get busy with their holidays & the upcoming year 2, we wouldnt be in the same class anymore.
Let's just see. (:

That silly boy cracked me up spelling cold storage as 'cold stoley' on purpose.
Just like those aunties who sucked at speaking english. Eg, my mum. LOL!


11:23 PM

Sunday, February 04, 2007


That's the day i wanted; The fun we share

Neck aching & both side of the ass is in pain.
Some idoit stole my pillow when my mum hanged it outside the corridor for drying. WTF.
Screw you. Let me offer you money if you jolly well cant afford a pathetic pillow.
Yesterday was a super-fun-&-lovely day.
Cabbed over to pumpkin's house & waited for that slow poke to be ready for 45mins.
Haw haw! Joined Ivan, Fabian, Victor & Ethred first while waiting.
So, we headed for NLB for the 2 NDA points for the pushcarts & left shortly after.
Rode over to East Coast Park for a healthy lifestyle day. LOL!
Had BK for lunch first then all of them rented blades except for me.
I can't blade for nuts & i don't wanna look clumsy in it.
So i had a bicycle instead but it was still ABCDEFG fun. (:
Raced abit; Slacked abit; Screamed abit; Laughed and stunted.
Sweat out quite a numberfull which is good & we went to Marcus house which is nearby.
Waited for him to bath while we entertain ourselves on the TV with Room raiders & animal planet. HAHA!

Dinner was over at ECP again the seafood paradise.
Had carrot cake and BBQ chicken, watching abit of EPL. (:
THEN! I finally get to go watch aeroplanes set off @ the big grass patch which is only conveniently accessible by own vehicles.
The planes flying was like just RIGHT ABOVE our heads. So big & near. WOAH!
Good place for making out cos we saw quite a number of cars there 'alone'. HAHA!
Those damn kukus rode to OCH. Ah funny har what a 'wonderful' idea.
Totally freaked me out by surprise & i chicken out. Heard too many shit stories bout it.
Off to Pasir Ris Park & we played spinning-the-human game.
All of them ended up wanting to puke real badly from the dizzy spins which is real scary.
It was like back to childhood days.
Didn't get to play the swings though due to those idoits hogging on to them. @#&!@#!*@
Lost our way kinda at tampines while riding. HAHA!
Only managed to get out of tampines and ride back home for half an hour.
The journey back to delta was a killer. All our asses hurt and the killer wind was blowing hard against the whole body.

Everyone was shagged out.

Not home yet. Spize! (:
Pumpkin & I shared maggie goreng & had hot milo. Ethred ate nasi lemak & Ivan had pratas.
So i was out from noon 12pm and was activity packed till 3am. HAHAHA!
Complete usage of a day's & it was all so beautiful. (:

At the same time, broke. IMAO.
Maybe might drop by pumpkin's to pass him his sweater later.
Haven got the hp casing fixed. Oh well!


2:50 PM

The BIG E.
Sweet eighteen

Love conspirated & victimized
HOT & Sauce-y leftovers
Explosive & traumatizing attitude

; Braces.
; A puppy.
; Pandora's box - Dress
; Pumps
; Gold locket necklace.
; Black skinnies
; Puma / Adidas sweater / Le Coq Sportif sweater
; IPOD Nano.
; Prawning.
; Papilion / Birkies
; Holiday trip with pumpkin.
; JB trip with pumpkin.
; Catch a meteor rain.
; Slim down.


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